HEDRad will produce a new and novel, mobile high energy digital computed radiography system that will allow new applications by extending the range of energy levels that can be currently applied to phosphor screen computed radiation detectors in site applications.

Strategic Objectives
  • To develop a technique applicable to power plant, chemical plant and other heavy industries requiring similar Non Destructive Evaluation.
  • Make possible in-service inspections of thick sections which normally involve downtime.
  • Develop competitiveness of SMEs involved in the project
Technical Objectives
  • Development of prototype portable computed radiographic system capable of operating at high radiation energies that will include an enhanced computed radiographic scanner and reader system.
  • Produce a Data Fusion Software to produce high quality images by increasing the Signal to Ratio (SNR).
  • Development of digital radiographic techniques for the examination of large thick section components to meet the needs of a number of energy related industries. The technique development will include examination in thick section casting and also the functional assessment of the internals of thick section components such as pumps and valves.