Technical University of Sophia (Bulgaria)


TUS is the largest Higher Engineering University in Bulgaria with over 12000 students and 1200 full-time academic staff. Additionally, the university has a RTD division that was founded 30 years ago and that comprises of around 50 laboratories and

over 600 full time staff members. The University is involved in over 50 joint European projects of the EU TEMPUS and COPERNICUS programmes. The research will be carried out by the Centre for NDT Education, Research and Quality Control at TUS. The NDT Centre has recently benefited from a 0.5 million European Tempus programme grant. This money was used to buy the latest NDT instrumentation and systems for the Centre. The Centre has become the only EC accredited Centre for NDT research and education in Bulgaria.


Input into theoretical modelling of radiographic techniques and the technique development (WP-3). To assist in the preparation of specifications and access to large samples from Bulgarian energy industry. The supply of training documentation and materials for digital radiographer training and certification to meet European standard EN 473.