TWI Ltd (UK)


TWI is one of Europe’s largest independent research and technology organisations. Based at Abington near Cambridge since 1946, TWI provides those in industry with technical support in welding, NDT and associated material joining technologies. TWI has a total staff of over 550 with over 430 being technically qualified and skilled staff. TWI has an annual sales turnover of €57 million. TWI is currently participating in 40 European projects (taking the lead in 25) with 24 of those being in the NDT field (taking the lead in 20). The projects include CRAFT, STREP and large Integrated projects.

TWI has two main NDT Research Centres based at Abington, Cambridge and Port Talbot, South Wales. These centres cover the broad spectrum of NDT development for single client contracts, joint industry sponsored projects, UK DTI projects and EC funded projects. TWI has over 3000 world wide industrial members across a range of industries that include oil and gas offshore exploration.


TWI will assume the contractual role of project co-ordinator and administrator for the project, liaising with the EC and providing the Project Management in support of the project (WP-6). TWI has a significant role in the following WPs:
  • WP-1 Design and procurement of test samples containing representative defects and the writing of the functional specification for the equipment, phosphor screens, software and techniques to be developed.
  • WP-2 Input into CR systems development with integrated scanner/reader for the examination of thick section components.
  • WP-3 Development of CR techniques for site applications on thick section components in the target industries.
  • WP-4 Input in laboratory trials and site validation trials to be undertaken by participant service inspection SMEs
  • WP-5 Input into dissemination and exploitation of results in support of SMEs
  • WP-6 Overall project management and co-ordination