BAM (Germany)


The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) is a technical and scientific senior federal institute under the authority of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour. The profile of BAM is characterised by our mission to promote the development of the German economy, our function as the national chemical and materials technological institute, our guideline safety and reliability in chemical and materials technologies, activities include:
  • Statutory functions relating to technical safety in the public domain, especially in regards to dangerous materials and substances
  • Collaboration in developing statutory regulations, for example on safety standards and threshold values
  • Advising the Federal Government and industry on safety aspects of materials and chemical technology
  • The development and supply of reference materials and methods, in particular for chemical analysis and materials testing
  • Assisting in the development of standards and technical regulations for the evaluation of substances, materials, structures and processes with reference to damage prediction and prevention, environmental protection and preservation of national economic values.

Professor Uwe Ewert will be directing the research activities of the BAM input into the project. BAMís main contribution to the project will be inputting into the functional and technical requirements of the prototype CR system and developing techniques for use with a high energy Betatron for the functional assessment of thick section components.