HEDRad is a collaboration between EU companies and research organisations with the objective to develop digital computed radiography technology for the volumetric examination of large scale safety critical pressure components for the detection of in-service defects, corrosion and malfunctions.

Within the European Community there are an estimated 110 refineries, 400 chemical plants and 10 million kilometres of interconnecting and transmission pipelines and pipe-work. Globally there are approximate 700 refineries, in excess of 5000 major chemical plants, 450 nuclear power stations and in excess of 3000 fossil fuelled power stations around the world. Those installations require a serious need for a method of inspection of thick section components for functionality since there are generally no economic, reliable Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques to volumetrically examine these components in-service.

The technological advances that will be made as a result of HEDRad will enable the internal condition of valves and other thick wall components to be assessed without the need to open it, thus reducing the current three day cycle to only half of a day.

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